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The science behind the food

Unique step-by-step build-up

Champ does not look at the breed or type of dog, we pay particular attention to: exercise level of your dog(s).
- Dog moves normally:
Champ Basic, Champ Balance
- You go cycling with him, you belong to a dog club:
Champ Regular
- You are actively involved in dog sports:
Champ Regular Extra, Champ Performance

We normally measure this in the percentages of crude protein and crude fats. So the higher your dog's exertion, the more crude protein and crude fats the dog needs to recover. The image shows that our products contain progressively more crude protein and crude fat.

Characteristics of Champ Dogfood:
- High acceptance.
- High proportion of meat up to 37%.
- Use of lectin which ensures good digestion and shiny coat.
- High fibre carob contributes to always firm stools.
- Better recovery after exercise.

Champ not only produces products with a gradual build-up of energy values, but also has products in its range that are suitable for dogs with temporary or permanent medical conditions. An example is Champ Premium Lamb & Rice, which is schiks for dogs with certain allergy or digestive problems. Or for the obese or older dog (less exercise) the Champ Senior & Light. Not for nothing do we have a growing number of vets prescribing these products