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The secret of Champ Dogfood

The secret of Champ Dogfood

Champ dog food

Our secret is that we listen very carefully to what dog owners want: a high-quality premium dog food that meets stringent requirements and yet is affordable. CHAMP Dogfood is formulated by nutrition experts so that the food is correctly converted into usable energy. Each of our products therefore meets the nutritional needs of every type of dog. All the ingredients we use in our food have a specific purpose. We produce under the strictest HACCP standards and clearly indicate how much real meat is in our products, 16% in our Basic, 28% in our Regular Extra and 37% in our Performance kibble. In addition, we use the highest possible digestion rate and add carob for firm stools. CHAMP Dogfood contains no soy, odour, colour or flavourings. Taste tests with large groups of dogs have shown that almost 80% of dogs prefer CHAMP to other brands.


And yet our complete range of 11 types of dog food, whose energy values are built up incrementally, is more affordable than that of well-known brands. We have a small product range that fully covers our customers' needs. Because we sell direct, you pay no margin for middlemen. We deliver orders starting from 100 kg because shipping 100 kg once is cheaper than shipping 20 kg five times. All in all, those are considerable savings. And you see that reflected in the price. Is that really a secret? No. It's our way of thinking.
CHAMP Dogfood guarantees affordable, safe, high-quality dog food with a high acceptance rate.