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Dog lose weight: this is how you do it!

Tuesday, 13 December 2022

There are few dogs that pass up a tasty snack. Many dogs spend all day scavenging for food, scraps or crumbs. Taking in a little extra now and then can do little harm, but there are dogs that take in too much and become overweight as a result. Letting your dog lose weight is then very important. Being overweight can cause many complaints in dogs. Does your dog need to lose weight? With these tips, you will certainly succeed.

Let your dog lose weight before he gets complaints
Many owners underestimate the risks of overweight dogs. Still, it is better not to give that extra piece of bread, meat or food. Obese dogs have a real chance of developing health problems. And that is the last thing you want as an owner. What are the risks associated with overweight dogs?
  • Life expectancy drops by an average of two years
  • Fitness deteriorates
  • Your dog becomes sluggish
  • Heart, lung and vascular problems
  • Problems with the bladder
  • Risk of diabetes
  • Weight problems (e.g. osteoarthritis)
  • Bone problems
  • Greater risk in medical procedures

How do I make my dog lose weight?
Now the big question is: how do I make my dog lose weight? And how much can a dog lose weight per week? The important thing is that you, as the owner, make sure you lose weight in a healthy way. Losing weight with dogs goes slowly and gradually. Your dog is allowed to lose about 2% of his body weight per week. For example, if your dog is 25 kilograms, he can lose a maximum of 500 grams per week. But how does this work in practice?

Dog losing weight tips!
There are several ways to make your dog lose weight. First of all, you can consult your vet about a good way. After all, the 'dog vet' knows your loebas best medically. The vet will give you some advice. Does your dog need to lose weight? We list the best tips for you as well.
  • Eat less
    The simplest way is to get your dog used to fewer or no snacks. Does your dog never get snacks, but is still overweight? Then give smaller portions of food. Just make sure your dog always gets enough nutrients.
  • More activities
    Do you walk your dog every day? Dogs need to release their energy and get enough exercise. This is not only good for burning calories, but also for keeping dogs fit in their joints and letting them discover the world by sniffing up all the scents! You can also let your dog swim, walk alongside a bike or run together, let him play fetch and learn all kinds of other fun games.
  • Special food
    While letting your dog lose weight, it is important that your loofah always gets enough nutrients. Nowadays, you can find many different types of dog food that are very suitable for heavy dogs.
Be meticulous during the weight loss process
As the owner, you have the responsibility for your four-legged friend and you have to make sure he loses weight in the right way. Therefore, it is important that you be meticulous. Here are some extra tips to help you master your dog's weight battle.
  • Weigh your dog regularly, e.g. once a week
  • Weigh portions
  • Spread the food moments throughout the day (introduce about three or four moments a day, but keep the same amount)
  • Hide snacks and other snacks
  • Keep an eye on his water bowl and check that it always contains enough water

Letting your dog lose weight with green beans
Some owners make their dog lose weight with green beans. The idea here is that the dog does get a full stomach while taking in few calories. This is not healthy for dogs. Green beans do not provide your dog with any nutrients at all. Losing weight in this way sometimes causes nutrient deficiencies that can make dogs sick.

Source: www.petplan.nl