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Arion. Giving the best of you.

Our most loved ones deserve our unconditional love and full attention. We want owners and pets to have the time of their lives together. Only our best care is good enough.

That’s why, at Arion, we give the best of ourselves every day, because we cherish the friendship between you and your roommate. We want to do our part in a healthy way so that your friendship can last even longer.

Our starting point is always respect for the best that nature gives us. We process this into healthy meals full of nutritional value. To this end, we continuously invest in our innovative production methods and our people. We also listen to you and your four-legged friend. All your tips and comments are a source of inspiration for us to become even better.

Because giving the best of ourselves is, above all, getting the best in return. And those are healthy pets, happy owners and your lifelong friendship.

The new Arion Essensial Line is an affordable line of dog food consisting of:

Arion Essential Adult Basic with 20% protein and 7% fat, many dogs will do well on this.
Arion Essential Adult Croc with 25% protein and 10% fat, a kibble for domestic dogs.
Arion Essential Adult Sport with 29% protein and 15% fat is a kibble for more active dogs
Arion Essential Junior with 30% protein and 14% fat for the happy young dog after the Pup period.
Arion Essential Cat Adult for your cat. Nice affordable Cat food. Your cat will certainly eat this with taste.

This line is suitable for countries where pork is not a problem as a source of meat.
Request our export prices and let yourself be surprised!

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