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Puppy first night at home: helpful tips

Tuesday, 11 July 2023

The day you get to pick up your new puppy is something you've been looking forward to for weeks. It's finally here! That will be cuddling, getting to know each other and pampering and spoiling your new companion. Everything is going perfectly, but then it's time to go to sleep. A puppy's first night at home is exciting for you, but what do you think for the puppy? Away from its mother, siblings, in a new, unfamiliar environment. That means you have to give extra love to the animal.

First night puppy home
We won't sugarcoat it: the first night a puppy is at home demands a lot from you as its owner. It is mainly a matter of getting used to it, both for you and your puppy. Where does your puppy sleep the first night at home? And what do you do if the animal starts squealing or whining? The most important thing is to make the animal feel safe right away. The first nights you can take the animal to the bedroom or you can choose to sleep with the puppy in its new sleeping place, for example in a dog kennel in the living room. This way, you give the animal a reassuring feeling and it will (hopefully) be able to fall asleep quickly.

Make it a long day
It's a good idea to pick up your puppy from the breeder as early as possible so that the animal has all day to get used to its new home. All these new impressions, playing with the owner - it will tire you out. Do you want to be sure? Then take the animal for a short walk before bedtime to burn off the last of its energy. To make the dog feel at home, the breeder often gives you a cloth or cuddly toy with the scent of the familiar litter. The scent of the mother can help the puppy feel familiar in its new surroundings on its first night at home. Tip: Put the cloth or cuddly toy in a special ball to keep the scent longer.

The puppy's first night at home: the sleeping place
Where will your puppy sleep on its first night at home? New owners often choose to have a puppy sleep in a dog crate. When doing this, make sure that the animal does not have too much space. If necessary, close off part of the crate with a partition. Is your puppy very restless? Then put the puppy in a small crate or find another place to sleep. The crate should become a "safe" place for your companion. So it is important that you prevent the animal from feeling uncomfortable in the crate.

The first nights with a puppy
The first few nights with a puppy will take some getting used to, but if you stay close to your new pet at all times, you will build a strong bond. So take the puppy into your bedroom or sleep with it in the living room. This way, the animal can always let you know when it needs to pee or is scared, and you can give your puppy the attention it needs.

Information source: petplan.nl